Top Apps Downloaded in 2021

Top Downloaded Apps Globally 2021 - Small Business Warrior

Top Apps Downloaded Globally and in U.S. in 2021

Well what do you know! TikTok reigns as the new champion in the apps race. The top app downloaded in 2021 on smartphones (iOS and Android) globally AND in the United States was TikTok. The top apps downloaded in the U.S. can be viewed below.
Top Apps in U.S. 2021 - Small Business Warrior
TikTok U.S. users are predominately less than 39 years of age, with seven out of ten users being 10-39 years old. 47% of U.S. users are between 10-29 years of age, 42% between 30-49 years of age, and 11% of users are 50+ years of age (as of March 2021). 
One app you may have not heard of is CapCut, which made the top global app downloaded list. CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. Some TikTok users use this app to cut together their videos before posting them on the TikTok app. And guess what? The owner of TikTok – ByteDance, owns CapCut too!
Have you incorporated the usage of TikTok in your social media campaigns – or only use TikTok for your personal enjoyment? All I know is that I would need to step up my dance game if I become more active on TikTok. Ha!
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Top Apps Downloaded in 2021

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